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100 Word Challenge – Carnival Time!

Imagine that you are taking part in the biggest carnival in the world. Describe your experience in 100 words.

You might want to write as a performer, a visitor or even as a poet.

100 Word Challenge- Spring Special

Spring has sprung, green shoots are making their way through the dry hawthorn bark and the days are getting lighter.

Your 100 word challenge is to describe a perfect springtime moment.
What might you be doing? Where would you be? Who would you be with?

Have a wonderful break everyone.

World Book Day

We have fun dressing up as a character from our favourite books. Have a look at us!

Literacy Homework 2.3.16

Lost in the supermarket!
This is another 100 Word Challenge. Imagine you are in a supermarket with your family, when, suddenly, you can not find anyone you know!

Remember to describe the anxiety (show not tell) and to use questions to encourage the reader to think about the dilemma themselves

Scratch Maths Games

As part of our ICT computing unit ‘We are software developers’ we had a go and designing and making a maths game. Test your knowledge using our maths games. Good luck!

Literacy Homework 24.2.16

At school we have been writing stories with dilemmas. For homework we’d like you to write EXACTLY 100 words to describe (show not tell) someone’s dilemma.


Imagine you are sitting outside the head teacher’s office. Why are you there? How are you feeling? What is going through your mind?

International Day

As part of our international day year 4 worked with Miss Cropper to produce a short dance based on our Roman topic. The children only had a short amount of time to put it together. Have a look to see what you think!

IMG_0273 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0272 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0274 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0269 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0271 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0270 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0268 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0267 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

Our Roman swords and shields

In literacy we wrote instructions for and made a Roman sword. We then had a go at making our own mosaics and used them for the centre of our shields. What do you think?

Roman swords and shields on PhotoPeach

Our Class Assembly

Have a look at some photos of our class assembly about the Romans

Our Class Assembly on PhotoPeach
Our Class Assembly on PhotoPeach

The leaning tower of Pizza

As part of our international day we had a go at whipping up some Italian themed pizzas linked to our Roman topic. At the end of the day we used our fraction skills and shared them with the our group. Have a look at some of our work!

Italian Pizza made by 4b on PhotoPeach